The Zulu Difference

We were excited by how quickly Zulu delivered new functionality in regular upgrades. We were used to waiting for years…

Security and Reliability

Zulu is hosted in world-class AWS data centers near our airline customers to assure fast response times, security, reliability and automatic data back-ups. AWS focuses on one thing and does it very well. Their global scale and expertise allows them to buy hardware, stand it up and support it much more cost effectively, typically 50-60 % of in-house or dedicated center hosting costs.  

Key considerations in Zulu design and selection of AWS hosting:

  • Physical security – staffed 24/7, biometric security
  • Network security – firewall, intrusion detection, regular monitoring
  • Application security – latest virus detection, log file, named accounts only
  • Internal systems security – rigorous processes and procedures
  • Operating systems security – hardened OS on clean hardware
  • Third-party certification – SOCI/SOCII Type 2 and IS) 27001 certified
  • Cost-effectiveness – marginal cost on pay-as-you-go basis
  • Scalability – virtually unlimited capacity and bandwidth
  • Reliability – 100% infrastructure and network uptime, redundancy
  • Disaster recovery – reviewed recovery and continuity plans
  • https:// secure data encryption over the network
  • Dual authentication – requires confirmation text for log in

SaaS Business Model

Customer Success Experience

Cloud Native Hosting

Value of Integration

Security and Reliability

Modern and Mobile

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