The Zulu Team

Kevin Woods

Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Zulu Airline Systems founder Kevin was a customer and user of schedule planning systems while at Delta Air Lines. There he experienced firsthand the tasks that these systems need to accomplish. One such assignment was to restructure the Atlanta hub (ATL) into a continuous structure for better efficiency. To do so, Kevin used scheduling, forecasting and fleet assignment systems to perform analyses that facilitated the decision-making process.

Kevin began his airline systems career at Delta by modernizing and redesigning the reporting platform for post-departure visibility. The new platform incorporated more data to give a fuller picture and enabled the reports to be run daily. These new capabilities proved critical in the days following 9/11 as Delta’s senior executives used them to see snapshots of the airline’s performance.

Kevin also worked for Sabre Airline Solutions in their marketing and solutions management group. Kevin’s academic and business education came from London Business School and Northwestern University.

Gary Bush

Chief Executive Officer

Gary is a successful entrepreneur with multiple new product development successes in addition to mentoring entrepreneurs and investing in many new ventures.

He also built and sold a consulting firm that focused on the transportation, energy and life sciences industries with a ten-year series of engagements at Delta Air Lines, where he met Kevin Woods.

Gary is an experienced strategy facilitator and has guided many small and large organizations through complex decisions. He has also mentored two teams through the NSF I-Corps entrepreneurship process using Steve Blank’s customer discovery and business model development methodology. Gary’s education includes a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech and a B.A. degree from Hartwick College.

Bijoy Thomas

Principal Developer

Bijoy has strong airline domain knowledge from his experience as a software developer at American Airlines, and prior to that as a Team Lead at Sabre Holdings. He also brings significant technical knowledge and startup experience to Zulu from his work with the CebaTech.

Bijoy is principal developer for Zulu’s innovative solutions and is the founding member and thought leader for Zulu’s technology team. He continues to stay at the forefront of technology innovations, quickly learning and adopting the best approaches to solve problems while creating high quality software for customers.

Bijoy holds a Masters in Computer Science from George Washington University.

Cliff Cyphers 

Senior Developer

Cliff is an experienced designer of Linux based systems in various hosting environments.  He has built custom software to meet a variety of customer needs.

Cliff lives in the Dallas, TX area after spending time in Austin and San Francisco. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with a broad spectrum of things, from technology to brewing beer, roasting coffee and cooking. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Texas Tech.

Tyler de Arrigunaga

Software Programmer

Tyler is part of our Dallas team for software test automation to assure the quality of our customer driven enhancements and regular feature upgrades.  He coordinates the design, implementation and automation of the white box testing of the Zulu system and selects the testing technologies to be used.

Tyler is an experienced programmer completing his degree in computer science at the University of North Texas.

Amey Dharwadkar

Software Developer

Amey is a developer in our Dallas team with a focus on the slot management module.  He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Southern Methodist University and a Masters in Computer Applications from the University of Pune.

His experience includes roles as programmer at BitWise, Inc. in Pune and at CapCo in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Marija Miglane

Customer Support

Marija has tremendous experience in scheduling and slot management from her roles as Head of Scheduling for FlyBE in London, Manager of Network Planning at Qatar Airways and Network Planner at Air Baltic.

Marija is located in Latvia and will focus on supporting Zulu customers in Europe, U.K., Russia, Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  She has a Masters in Transport Economics and Logistics from Riga Technical University.

Sujith Sudhakaran

Software Developer

Sujith is an experienced developer of backend solutions in modern software languages for various application domains like Chatbot development, Airline Publication Systems, Office Editing Tools(Chrome Office) and Embedded Systems.  He is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He completed his B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Degree from NIT, Bhopal and has experience as Technical Lead at Synerzip and Sr. Software Engineer at Samsung Electronics in India.